Monday, July 28, 2008

Simple Joys

You know that you are pregnant when a happy, happy day includes a night where you didn't have to get up to pee once! I just realized that last night was the first time in 5 months that I went with uninterrupted sleep and since I couldn't reach Jason at work with the joyous revelation, I must share this with you. I are blessed to share in my news.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Balance In All Things

This morning we had our follow-up ultrasound with the perinatologist. He said that everything looks better than good, that this baby is anatomically "pefectly normal". What more could we ask for?
We are so very happy for Jackson (and my inner need to have balance in all things) as today, it was indeed confirmed that this little guy is a BOY! Now, if you have any boy name suggestions, please do send them our way - we are struggling.

Friday, July 11, 2008

County Swim Meet

On July 2nd and 3rd, Jackson and Kate competed with their swim team, The Barracudas, during the county wide swim meet. They both had fun and did a great job! Kate's getting psyched up in the picture to swim like "white lightning". I think she reminds me of LL Cool J. What do you think?

Unfortunately, Kate's heart wasn't in it on the prelim day and she didn't place high enough in her individual events to swim in the finals. She placed 21st overall for the backstroke but was seeded 11th I think. Her relay team stepped up the second day, moving up from 9th place in the prelims to finishing 5th overall in the county. Way to go Kate!

Jackson finished 8th in the individual medley, and his team finished 8th in the medley relay and 5th in the freestyle relay (they were DQ'd in the last race though for an early start - I think it was a rough call if you ask me).

The coolest part of the meet was that Jackson finished 2nd overall in backstroke and set a new pool record for the 8&U backstroke. One of his coaches, Andrew, previously held the record and it had been in place for the last 10 years! Each meet of the year Jackson improved his backstroke time while secretly trying to beat the pool record. I found this out toward the end of the season when he told me that he was going to beat the record at the county meet. In the prelims on the 2nd, he came close to the 22:24 record with a time of 22:56 but on the 3rd he did it and finished with a time of 21:54. When this boy sets his mind to something he gets it done. If only I could be like that! Our friends videtoaped his race and posted it on You Tube. You can find it by title "Action Jackson Breaks Pool Record" or click on this