Friday, December 11, 2009

Emmett's One!

This year has definitely been the fastest one yet. I can hardly believe that 365 days ago I was snuggling my newborn baby boy at Northside Hospital. Sigh... In an effort to make up for my sadness, we planned a really fun night with our little family. It was so much fun that they kids just barely went to bed at 10:30! The party started at Emmett's favorite Mexican restaurant (ok - so maybe it was ours, but he still enjoyed it). Then we came home and things got crazy (ok-so maybe not crazy, but definitely silly).

Emmett was all giggles while we were singing Happy Birthday to him. This one has no problem being the center of attention.

He went to town on the cupcake, attacking the cake before we were finished singing. Once his hands were good and chocolatey he didn't like that his hands were dirty though! How can I have two boys that are so the same?
Love those messy birthday faces!

Time for presents. He kind of got the idea of opening the gifts.
Reading books from Gramma Hansen.
How cute is that hat? Hansbergers, You Rock!

"Kissing Dad" - which is a lot like biting Dad.

Trying to get a hug in between the playing.

Who knew that a 10, 7, and 4 year old could have so much fun playing with a 1 year old's toys!
Time for a bath and bed for everyone.

The End. Couldn't resist that cute 1 year old little bottom!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Elf Yourself

A little fun holiday project from Jackson to you. He was so excited to do this. I got a serious kick out of him giggling watching all of the options. Love these 10 year old boys. Easily amused I tell you...:)
Hope that you are all finding time to enjoy yourselves during this hectic holiday time!