Friday, October 31, 2008

Big Girl Bed

Although Miss Ava is well over 3 years old, until last night she still slept in her crib. She did so because like her siblings she did not attempt to climb out even once she knew that she was able. In preparation for the baby and the girls sharing a room though, we decided it was time for her to make the transition. We picked out matching sheets and"birdie" blankets which made the girls both very excited and set things up yesterday. This was what I saw when I arrived after the show. Made me tear up that she is so big!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


My Fall Festival Co-Chair, Angela, and I treated ourselves to this amazing production as a congratulations on another successful festival. (We are going to have to do this every year) Despite husbands being out of town, a Cheetah girl concert (more to come), soccer practice carpool, and the night before Halloween, we made it happen and are so glad that we did.
I'd heard a lot of great things about this producation and was certainly not disappointed! The playwrite cleverly tied in all of the elements from the Wizard of Oz while explaining the "wicked" witch's story. If you have a chance, go and see the show. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm really not a groupie, but...

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the Twilight series books to the point of basically forcing them upon my friends. That being said, I haven't elevated myself to the status of groupie - book signings, Twilight Mom groups, etc. Until today, I would see those Twilight movie countdown tickers on people's blogs and think, "Really?" I was lukewarm (at best) about the movie because nobody, and I mean nobody, can duplicate the Edward that I have going on in my head! Well, idealized Edward or not I was hooked after watching this trailer! Add me to the list of those counting down the days until this movie is released! What do you think?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

News at Last

Jason's biopsy results came back showing no evidence of lymphoma or sarcoidosis. Whoo-Hoo!!! What they have diagnosed him with is an orbital pseudotumor. They said that he has had some chronic inflammation in the eye which has fibrosed and is now afffecting the eye muscles. We don't know why there is inflammation in the first place but they are going to try a month long course of steroids and see if there is any improvement. It is unlikely that there will be but we are going to try it first and then go on to eye surgery if need be.
Jason has been referred to yet another specialist for the surgery. We hope that when we meet with him we get the same story. As you can imagine, we are very happy that the origin of Jason's problem isn't anything very scary and now we just want him to get back to seeing with both eyes! Stay tuned for more Hansen family oddities :)

9 Year Old!

I can NOT believe that our little boy is 9 years old today! A cute couple was sitting in front of us at church on Sunday about to have their first child. She was due on Oct 15, like Jackson was, and is overdue but patiently awaiting the arrival of her little one. (OK, so anyone who remembers us 9 years ago remembers that we weren't patiently waiting, but you get the point. )

After talking to them, Jason looked at me and said, "That was us 9 years ago". We then surveyed our clan and for a moment were awestruck with all that can happen in such a short period of time.

Time passes too swiftly for my taste and I hate change. Really. One thing that hasn't changed for me though, is how completely in love I am with this boy! From the moment I laid eyes on him I was so smitten. Here are a few things that I love about Jackson.

1) He is such a kind big brother who truly loves his sisters. I doubt there was ever a sweeter big brother.
2) He loves to snuggle with me and still asks me to lay down with him at bedtime.
3) He kisses my belly every time I leave.
4) He loves to learn and tries his best.
5) He has such a funny sense of humor and is easy to laugh.
6) He is a good friend. I love seeing the way he treats his peers.
7) Has a smile that melts my heart.
8) Is as tenderhearted as they come. He can sense our moods and gives a hug, smile or lends a hand when we need it.
9) Loves to be active and doesn't argue with my no video game rule :)
10) Will always be my firstborn boy and has a special place in my heart that can't be replaced.

I love you Jackson!!!! You make every day brighter because you are in the world!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Making Room...

Athought I wouldn't really call us hasty (we've been looking to buy a car since Ava was born) we went to look at a car Tuesday night and ended up driving it home 2 hours later! We have been scoping out prices on Toyota Sequoia's and Volvo XC90's for a long time and I happened across one Sequoia that was a steal. I am already loving the extra room in the back and being able to tote more friends to sports and playdates. I am also very happy to have one less thing on my "to do" list before our newest arrival makes his debute.

The new car experience was one of mixed reviews for our kids though. Jackson was so excited that he literally jumped up and down for joy at the lot. Ava cried the whole way home asking for her "little blue car" and Kate was somewhere in between. We were a little surprised that the girls felt so attached to our Escape but as we explained to Jackson, it is the only car they have ever known. We went back to the dealership yesterday to try and take a picture of them in the car but sadly, it was already off the lot.

Farewell to our trusty little car and hello to more space to welcome baby boy into the world!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eye Biopsy

This past month has been trying to say the least! We kind of joked about Jason's eye but in truth, things weren't very funny. Jason continued to have double vision since it began and was referred from doctor to doctor. Bottom line was that the problem likely didn't come from the sinus infection but they didn't have a reason why. They gave us several very scary possibilities all of which made me cry one Friday. Then the last doctor that we met with said let's not speculate but instead recommended a biopsy of Jason's eye muscle and from the back of the eye where the inflammation was prominent. (Does anyone find it hilarious that they put this on Jason's head before surgery?)
Jason had this procedure exactly one week ago and we are still awaiting the results. Our hope is that the results will point to idiopathic (meaning they don't know why) and that it won't be one of those other scary diagnosis.
I would post an after photo of the surgery but it even made me a little squeamish and that is saying something! I'll keep you updated as more develops.