Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Good-Bye Hatch Family

What a sad day this is for my family. Some of our closest friends are moving to San Antonio, TX. From our first Sunday in Atlanta we became dear friends with the Hatch family. Our kids swim on the same swim team, we go to the same pool, have weekly playdates, our families have H-squared (Hatch/Hansen) family nights, Jason and Troy serve in the YM Presidency together and Anne and I serve in the Primary Presidency together. Not only are our kids friends, but we are a support to each other and fast friends. Since I heard the news this morning I have been teary eyed. It is really going to be a loss to our family to lose the Hatches and I can't help but feel sorrowful over this loss. Now, I know that nobody is dying and I might be dramatic but I am surprised at how much this is affecting me.
This is how life is, isn't it? Just as we are moving into our house and can start to feel permanent in Atlanta, life throws us a curve ball. It is making me too sad to blog this now. Maybe later...

Monday, February 19, 2007

We're Packing!!!

As you can see from these pictures, the children are an enormous help! We got quite a bit of packing done last night and today and are hoping to finish up in the next 2 days. It looks like we'll be moving back to good ol' Ponderosa Cicle on Friday (barring any unforseen complications, of course). We can hardly wait!

And He's Off...

Jackson rode his bike completely by himself for the first time today! The broken arms this fall and winter weather have kept us from trying sooner. A few weeks ago, Jason took him out and taught him to ride in a straight line without too much trouble. Today we took it a step further and he learned to turn and do the whole thing by himself. I stood by cheering and video taping the milestone. It is so wonderful to watch your child learn to master a new skill!
As soon as I learn how to upload some video footage I'll post it on the blog. Until then, here are a few pics of him in action.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love Note

I thought that this was too cute and especially appropriate for Valentines Day! Jackson keeps getting little "love notes" like this in his backpack from girls in his class. When I saw this note I asked him what he thought about it. Typical oblivious boy response was, "She likes to use short sentences." and "I think it's funny because she used the same sentence twice". I had to try to not laugh. His teacher says that Jackson is kind to everyone and is very well liked. What a wonderful compliment for him!