Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope that today everyone found a bit of joy as you celebrated Christmas. We have had a great time together with relatively few squabbles even. :) Jason's parents are visiting and we are having a great time with them. I am pretty sure that my kids are wearing them out but they don't let on and in fact, seem to keep up quite well.
Last night we had an unintentionally, hiliarious Christmas Eve. The kids and I spent a long time making sugar cookies for Santa. By the time we were finished it was late but we'd promised to reinact the Nativity story. So, we busted out the felt puppets that I'd made back in Ann Arbor and went to town (no pun intended). During the course of the next 1/2 hour, Ava stepped in Santa's plate of cookies, Jackson knocked off one of Baby Jesus' eyes, Kate and Ava were crying and by 9:45pm we were begging the kids to go to sleep! Mom Hansen said that it was so typical of family gatherings that she was having a hard time not laughing. In truth, it was very funny and definitely the stuff that memories are made of.
I hope that fond memories have been made for you and yours this holiday season! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Yesterday Jason and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. (I use the word celebrate loosely, as it was a Sunday and we have a 10 day old infant). Nevertheless, it was a great day to remember how truly, madly, in love we were and how good we have still have it!
I love you Jason!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

1 Week Old

I'm not sure if it is because Emmett is my last baby but I am so loving every minute with him! I am somewhat hesitant to gush on and on about him, for fear that I'll jinx what we've got going on, but I can't help myself. Emmett has the sweetest, most calm and pleasant demeanor I could have hoped for. He is also proving to be a farily decent sleeper going 5-6 hours at a stretch. People have said, and I have found it to be true, that having a baby at this time of year is wondeful. The season is already such a happy time that it only seems natural to add more joy with a newborn!
Having a baby also teaches many important life lessons. Here are a few "lessons learned" in the last 7 days.

1) There are few things that melt a heart like a smile from a sleeping baby. If we could all be content with so little.

2) There is nothing like a Gramma to delight and bring joy to your children. (Not to mention bringing joy to Jason and I in the form of - dinner, clean laundry, entertaining the siblings and chauffering a healing Mommy.)

3) It isn't wise to try on your pre-maternity jeans 6 days after delivering. Just don't do it.

4) It is wise to stay in the hospital for as long as they allow if you have children at home. By the time I went home, I was in a much better place, mentally and physically by staying that extra day.

5) It is true that your heart does grow with each new addition to the family. There is more love to share when you thought it impossible to love any other children more than those you already have.

6) Going to sleep on your back is a wonderful way to sleep! I have missed it so.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I was given the option of staying in the hospital until tomorrow or going home today. Maybe it's because I have another 3 children at home but for the first time I opted to stay in the hospital another day. So far I've watched two movies, snuggled endlessly with Emmett and updated his baby book. It has been heavenly.

Since I have a few minutes, I am posting a couple of yummy pictures for your viewing pleasure. I am determined to hold this little guy as much as I can, for as long as I can because I know that this time will be over all too soon.

The sunken-in chin cracks me up. I remember Jason and I both looking at each other when Jackson was born and each asking if the other thought the chin was normal for a newborn.

Oh I love those binky pictures! He is such sweet little snuggler, I can't stand it!

Here he is in his going home outfit, testing out the carseat. Too bad you can't see just how adorable this kimono wrap is.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I have found that whenever I ask (or don't ask) for peoples' opinions regarding our baby name choices, there are strong feelings. Some of you preferred our other names but in the end, Jason truly loved Emmett, and I came to appreciate that he really connected with that name.

So there is no going back now, our 4th child is Emmett Anderson Hansen. I would ask a favor though. Perhaps you can reference this in the future and remind Jason that I don't always get my way!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The it's unedited, non-Reader's Digest version!

On December 10th we posed as a family of 5 for the last time. This is a tradition of ours and the pictures have been fun to look back each time we welcomed a new addition to the family. Can you tell how excited the kids were to meet their brother?

Another tradition of ours is taking the final pregnancy picture by the crib just before departing for the hospital. This shot was taken at 4:30 am on December 11th, which explains why I was having a difficult time coming up with a genuine smile!

This smile was all real though because by 5:45 am I was all hooked up and awaiting the anesthesiologist. The epidural was interesting this time for sure. Although it was a relatively easy insertion, the first epidural only numbed from my toes to the top of my thighs. Totally counter intuitive I know, but the doctor said that it happens sometimes. To try and fix the situation they first gave me a second dose of anesthetic through the epidural. This suceeded in furthering numbing my toes and climbed only a little higher to the bottom of my pelivs which was definitely not high enough for surgery! In the end, they had to take the epidural out and replace it with a new one ,in a higher position. That time it worked like a charm and we were off to the OR.
At 7:44am Chase arrived into this world with a healthy set of lungs. Jason was even able to video tape his entrance, which was very exciting as we'd been told that by friends that they no longer allowed the videotaping of deliveries. Emmett weighed in at exactly my predicted weight of 7lbs 6oz and handily winning the bet to Jason's predicted weight of 8lb 12oz and the OB's guess of 7lb 12oz.

Here we are in our first family photo, blissfully happy together! So far Drew has proven to be neither like Jason or myself but seems to take after Mary Poppins -as he's practically perfect in every way! He took to nursing like a champion, is sleeping 4 hours at a stretch and has even declared his love for the binky!

We think that he has continued with the Hansen tradition of looking exactly like his siblings too. Sometimes I see more of one child or the other but you can easily tell which family he belongs to.

Jackson and Kate did amazingly well at school toughing out the long day until they could finally meet their little brother. Chase is one super lucky boy to have so many people that already love him.

Ava did great with our friend, Angela, today. She slept tuntil 8:30 am, helped stamp Angela's Christmas cards and was spoiled with a "hot lunch" at our favorite lunch spot, The Grove. Even with all of her fun times, she was beyond excited to meet her brother, Quinn.

Here we are, now as a family of 6. Mom is looking a lot more tired/drugged but is unequivocally ecstatic!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Baby Time

In 11 hours we'll be at the hospital being prepped for c-section #4! On Monday, my OB's father died. We got a call from his office saying that we'd have to have a different doctor perform the surgery and that they'd had to change my c-section time from 11am to 7am to accomdate his schedule. That translated into us having to leave for the hospital at 4:30am in order to be prepped and ready for surgery. It made me pretty nervous at first because plans had been made for the kids and everything had to be revamped but I am so grateful to good friends for stepping in and even coming to the house at 4:30am! I also had a phone conference with the new doctor and feel a lot more comfortable with him too.
Everyone in our family is ecstatic and jittery as we prepare to meet our newest addition. You can almost feel the electricity in the air. In an effort to focus some of the excitement, the kids are making cards for him right now. Now I just have to pack my bag and try to get some sleep (not likely).
Next post, cute pictures of our little man!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ava has always been quite attached to her lovie. She has, infact, had 3 of them and was never the wiser until this summer. I tried to pull a switcharoo because her lovie was getting so dingy, tattered and generally germy in appearance. When I gave her the new soft, beautiful lovie she hugged it for a moment and them promptly put it on the ground. She then looked at me and said, "I no want clean lovie. I want yucky lovie". She found her yuckie lovie later that day and refuses to give it up. I have tried putting both of them in her bed, carrying both around but somehow her clean lovie ends up under her bed, on the floor or stuffed in the closet and the yucky lovie is held tightly in her little fist and snuggled up against her face.
Let's hope we never "lose" yuckie lovie!

Belly Shots

There you go! After putting it off for as long as I could, I am finally posting a few belly shots. These pictures were taken today, 11 days before D-Day. Now perhaps our familes can kindly stop the threats?

Bless Jason for being the camera man and putting up with me. The photo shoot ordeal went something like this, he'd take a picture and then I'd look at it commenting that there is no way I was that big. I would then insist that he try again. Alas, after 20 or so pictures and angles, I came to the realization that I really do have that big of a belly and that just maybe, I am not "all belly" as people keep telling me. (Big liars!)

It is a bittersweet feeling as the pregnancy comes to an end. I am so excited to meet this little guy but sad to know that this is it and I won't ever be pregnant again. After tonight, I am also sad because the photo shoot made me realize how many hours are ahead of me at the gym! :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Our family continued the Thanksgiving tradition, for the fourth year, with celebrating with friends in Suwanee, GA. The a few of the kids commented (and we agree) that Thanksgiving is so much more fun when surrounded by lots of family and friends. The weather for the ocassion was Atlanta perfect (translation - sunny and mid 60's). The gorgeous weather did make me a little bit sad that I wasn't running with my friends in the Atlanta half marathon this year though. It was a great day to run, unlike last year when it poured on us. Alas, we'll see what next year brings.

The festivities began with the ever popular Turkey Shoot. Jackson and Kate really loved nailing their Dad with paintballs and even Ava got in on the action this year, going back for multiple turns. After the Turkey Shoot, the kids played with each other, the Dad's perused the ads and the Mom's feverishly worked to get the meal ready. Allison said that she believes we are getting closer and closer to perfecting the meal and I have to agree with her. All I need is Grandma Whittier's cranberry frozen dish recipe and then the dinner really would be perfect!

After dinner, the Dad's tore the kids away from the Wii and everyone threw frisbees, played b-ball and rode the Green Machine (remember that?). We ended the evening with yummy pies and sitting around the firepit outside visiting together. It really was a wonderful day!

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Boy and His Dog

Jackson turned 9 on the 23rd and got a dog for the event. We fostered "Benny" for a few weeks and have decided that he's the one for us. Jackson is leaning toward changing his name to Max and we think that it will stick. Max is very good natured -translation- he let's Ava play with his ears, crawl on him and in general torture him without even seeming bothered.

The first few days were kind of rough as we figured each other out but now Max is fitting in quite well with our family. Jackson is every bit as good of a pet owner as we'd hoped. If anything he is a Nervous Nellie, doting on him too much. We'll see if it lasts.

Monday, November 03, 2008

I Passed!!!

Every 6 years I have to retake my board exams (and pass) to keep my certification as a PA. Not that I was pushing it or anything, but my license was set to expire on the 31st of December and I took my boards last Monday. It seemed that nobody else was worried but I was definitely nervous about the outcome. That anxiety probably came as a result of being totally unprepared for the test. Let's see, I mostly felt unprepared because my total study time was around 2 hours. Now, I am not lazy but just stretched to the max and I truly had to extra time to fit in studying. This drastically contrasts the last time I took the boards as I was fresh out of school and additionally I studied all day for 2 weeks straight.

Lucky for my patients, I guess I've learned a thing or two and haven't forgotten much over the past 6 years working in the Emergency Room, because I passed without a problem. Whoo-Hoo!!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Fun

As usual, a good time was had by all on Halloween. I love, love, love decorating for this holiday and had such fun planning for the big night. Unfortunately, Ava was truly terrified of half of our decorations though, so we had a lot less spooky effects this year. There were several rooms in our house that she hasn't walked through in a month even with all of the accomodations.

On Halloween night, some friends came over for chili, cornbread and yummy treats and then the Dad's and kids hit the neighborhoods. I'd say it was a success in the kids eyes as Jackson had to stop back home once to empty his bag before heading out for more goods! Kate and Ava didn't last quite as long but they had loot o' plenty. I expect they'll eat it up for 2 days and then grow tired of it like they usually do. Then I'll toss the rest! Here are a few photos of the cuteness.

Jackson (and every other 9 year old boy) chose to dress up as Indiana Jones.

Kate elected to be a cheerleader but when asked if she wanted to start doing cheerleading she said, "No, I do gymnastics". Way to go, girl! :)

Ava originally wanted to be a ghost but due to the lack of creativity/time on her Mom's part, she was talked into being a princess which equally thrilled her

Friday, October 31, 2008

Big Girl Bed

Although Miss Ava is well over 3 years old, until last night she still slept in her crib. She did so because like her siblings she did not attempt to climb out even once she knew that she was able. In preparation for the baby and the girls sharing a room though, we decided it was time for her to make the transition. We picked out matching sheets and"birdie" blankets which made the girls both very excited and set things up yesterday. This was what I saw when I arrived after the show. Made me tear up that she is so big!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


My Fall Festival Co-Chair, Angela, and I treated ourselves to this amazing production as a congratulations on another successful festival. (We are going to have to do this every year) Despite husbands being out of town, a Cheetah girl concert (more to come), soccer practice carpool, and the night before Halloween, we made it happen and are so glad that we did.
I'd heard a lot of great things about this producation and was certainly not disappointed! The playwrite cleverly tied in all of the elements from the Wizard of Oz while explaining the "wicked" witch's story. If you have a chance, go and see the show. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm really not a groupie, but...

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the Twilight series books to the point of basically forcing them upon my friends. That being said, I haven't elevated myself to the status of groupie - book signings, Twilight Mom groups, etc. Until today, I would see those Twilight movie countdown tickers on people's blogs and think, "Really?" I was lukewarm (at best) about the movie because nobody, and I mean nobody, can duplicate the Edward that I have going on in my head! Well, idealized Edward or not I was hooked after watching this trailer! Add me to the list of those counting down the days until this movie is released! What do you think?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

News at Last

Jason's biopsy results came back showing no evidence of lymphoma or sarcoidosis. Whoo-Hoo!!! What they have diagnosed him with is an orbital pseudotumor. They said that he has had some chronic inflammation in the eye which has fibrosed and is now afffecting the eye muscles. We don't know why there is inflammation in the first place but they are going to try a month long course of steroids and see if there is any improvement. It is unlikely that there will be but we are going to try it first and then go on to eye surgery if need be.
Jason has been referred to yet another specialist for the surgery. We hope that when we meet with him we get the same story. As you can imagine, we are very happy that the origin of Jason's problem isn't anything very scary and now we just want him to get back to seeing with both eyes! Stay tuned for more Hansen family oddities :)

9 Year Old!

I can NOT believe that our little boy is 9 years old today! A cute couple was sitting in front of us at church on Sunday about to have their first child. She was due on Oct 15, like Jackson was, and is overdue but patiently awaiting the arrival of her little one. (OK, so anyone who remembers us 9 years ago remembers that we weren't patiently waiting, but you get the point. )

After talking to them, Jason looked at me and said, "That was us 9 years ago". We then surveyed our clan and for a moment were awestruck with all that can happen in such a short period of time.

Time passes too swiftly for my taste and I hate change. Really. One thing that hasn't changed for me though, is how completely in love I am with this boy! From the moment I laid eyes on him I was so smitten. Here are a few things that I love about Jackson.

1) He is such a kind big brother who truly loves his sisters. I doubt there was ever a sweeter big brother.
2) He loves to snuggle with me and still asks me to lay down with him at bedtime.
3) He kisses my belly every time I leave.
4) He loves to learn and tries his best.
5) He has such a funny sense of humor and is easy to laugh.
6) He is a good friend. I love seeing the way he treats his peers.
7) Has a smile that melts my heart.
8) Is as tenderhearted as they come. He can sense our moods and gives a hug, smile or lends a hand when we need it.
9) Loves to be active and doesn't argue with my no video game rule :)
10) Will always be my firstborn boy and has a special place in my heart that can't be replaced.

I love you Jackson!!!! You make every day brighter because you are in the world!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Making Room...

Athought I wouldn't really call us hasty (we've been looking to buy a car since Ava was born) we went to look at a car Tuesday night and ended up driving it home 2 hours later! We have been scoping out prices on Toyota Sequoia's and Volvo XC90's for a long time and I happened across one Sequoia that was a steal. I am already loving the extra room in the back and being able to tote more friends to sports and playdates. I am also very happy to have one less thing on my "to do" list before our newest arrival makes his debute.

The new car experience was one of mixed reviews for our kids though. Jackson was so excited that he literally jumped up and down for joy at the lot. Ava cried the whole way home asking for her "little blue car" and Kate was somewhere in between. We were a little surprised that the girls felt so attached to our Escape but as we explained to Jackson, it is the only car they have ever known. We went back to the dealership yesterday to try and take a picture of them in the car but sadly, it was already off the lot.

Farewell to our trusty little car and hello to more space to welcome baby boy into the world!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eye Biopsy

This past month has been trying to say the least! We kind of joked about Jason's eye but in truth, things weren't very funny. Jason continued to have double vision since it began and was referred from doctor to doctor. Bottom line was that the problem likely didn't come from the sinus infection but they didn't have a reason why. They gave us several very scary possibilities all of which made me cry one Friday. Then the last doctor that we met with said let's not speculate but instead recommended a biopsy of Jason's eye muscle and from the back of the eye where the inflammation was prominent. (Does anyone find it hilarious that they put this on Jason's head before surgery?)
Jason had this procedure exactly one week ago and we are still awaiting the results. Our hope is that the results will point to idiopathic (meaning they don't know why) and that it won't be one of those other scary diagnosis.
I would post an after photo of the surgery but it even made me a little squeamish and that is saying something! I'll keep you updated as more develops.

Friday, September 05, 2008


So, it all started 3 days ago when Jason began to complain that he wasn't "seeing right". (OK, it actually started about 1 week ago when he started getting a cold, but nothing severe developed until 3 days ago.) Then yesterday he confirmed that he was actually having vertical double vision. That is never good and represents something going on with the cranial nerves, so he headed straight in to see the neuro-opthalmologist. After a thorough exam, they diagnosed him with a 4th cranial nerve palsy and ordered an MRI. The MRI was done this morning and about 5pm they called to tell him that he had an orbital pseudotumor. Now, don't fret - it isn't a tumor! It is called pseduo because it acts like a tumor but there is nothing cancerous going on here. It is caused by severe inflammation in the orbit and in Jason's case a part of the brain. We are hopeful that this is a result of a serious sinus infection. Apparently, the MRI showed some horrible sinus infection that has gone crazy spreading into his orbit and cavernous sinus (part of the brain.)
For now, Jason is sporting a saaaweeet eye patch because if he only looks out of his left eye he doesn't have the double vision and his right eye doesn't hurt quite as badly. He is taking his antibiotics and we are having fun telling a lot of pirate jokes. We'll keep you posted but for now, here's a picture to make you smile - it makes me laugh out loud! Arrrrgh!!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Weekend Recap

We had a great time in Charleston this past weekend! Jason and I would love to take a few days alone there, stay in a B&B, and see a bunch of things that wouldn't have interested the kids. The city was beautiful, the beaches were fun and time with friends was great. The only problem was that it was too short - isn't that always the case?

Kate, Jackson and Ava loved making cinnamon rolls with our host, "Grammie". On our way home Kate asked if we could go back this weekend and see Grammie and Papa again. Hilarious! It took Kate 2 days to realized that they were actually the grandparents of her friends and not just named Grammie and Papa. Sometimes we worry about her...:)

Highlights for Jackson included watching Planet Earth DVD's, finding seashells and boogie boarding. He really got the hang of boarding this time and was bummed that the weather didn't cooperate for him to go back for more on Monday.

I love those long weekend getaways...when is the next holiday?

PS - See how blog-worthy you are, Stuckis?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Labor Day Vacay

We have lived here for 6 years now and never ventured over to see beautiful Charleston. Our entire family is really looking forward to this 3 day getaway with friends. I know, I know, summer just ended so how can we possibly need a getaway? Trust me, we do!
Poor Jason has 3 grants due between now and the first of October and has been going crazy working on them. I am in full project completion mode and I feel the impending doom (did I say doom, I meant birth) of our newest family member. Between being the Fall Festival Chair at our elementary school, Primary President at church and working to save up for maternity time off, I too could use a weekend getaway.
PS- I don't know exactly what "where history lives" means and I doubt that I'll find out on this trip. Our prefect vacation is one where the only goal is to spend some time at the beach. We can't wait to enjoy the time together as a family!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cutest Bag

So maybe Ava didn't need this for preschool but it was so dang cute that I would have bought it even if she hadn't particularly cared for it. It turned out however, that she is in love with this bag and has taken to bringing it everywhere! She currently has it filled with her Littlest Pet Shop toys, a magnifying glass and a panda bear. I think you'll agree that she looks tres cute sporting her tote!

Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day of School

So hard to believe that another summer has whizzed by and that we have begun the 1st and 3rd grade with Kate and Jackson.

They are both still young enough to look forward to school and their excitement was contagious. Despite the excitement, of course I still teared up when I hugged Kate goodbye. Some things will never change!

Jackson was playing it 3rd grade cool but I know that he secretly wishes that I'll come by for a visit today. :) Last night I was talking to a friend and totally freaked myself out when I realized that he'll be going to college in 8 years! How can they grow up that fast? It really isn't fair!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Surgical Experience

On Friday, Jackson had a dermoid cyst removed from the top of his ear. He has been anticipating this for months but unfortunately, the anticipation did nothing to calm his anxiety about the procedure. Over the course of the last 4 months, he has asked me hundreds of questions about how it would feel, where he'd be, what it would look like, etc.

For an adult, this simple procedure would probably have constituted a visit to the doctors office and some local anesthesia. No biggie. Because children are much less predictable in their reactions to procedures though, the plastic surgeon puts them all under general anesthesia. Jackson's surgery was scheduled for 2:30 pm and because he was going to go under general anesthesia he couldn't eat for the whole day. (He actually did pretty well with that even when his sisters were eating their soft pretzels and icees in front of him.) We made it to the hospital and through pre-op but then hit a little snag in the plans when they informed me that I couldn't walk back with him to the operating room. Some ridiculous policy about not allowing pregnant women in the OR because of the "anesthesia gases". Ummm, seriously? Are there no pregnant nurses, surgeons or techs in this hospital? Are they having mutant babies? And would 5 minutes in the OR put my unborn child at such a risk that there is a strict policy? I digress... I was most sad that I hadn't been prepared for their policy because Jason was at work and nobody else was with us.

When they said that I couldn't go back with Jackson he started to tear up. Thankfully I was able to calm him down and he bravely walked along through the OR maze to his room. I too felt like crying as I watched him walk alone. On the way home he confided in me that he was scared when he was waiting for the sleepy medicine. Of course he was scared! I told him that I am scared every time I have to go to the OR to have my babies. I told him that he was so brave and that seemed to make him feel a lot better.

It's hard to tell what his ear will look like because the steri-strips are blood tinged but hopefully it will be just fine. Jackson's only complaint is that he can't go swimming for a whole week! In my opinions this was perfect timing for the surgery because Dynamo swim team starts next Monday and school starts this week. Speaking of school, stay tuned for first day of school pics tomorrow!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Simple Joys

You know that you are pregnant when a happy, happy day includes a night where you didn't have to get up to pee once! I just realized that last night was the first time in 5 months that I went with uninterrupted sleep and since I couldn't reach Jason at work with the joyous revelation, I must share this with you. I are blessed to share in my news.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Balance In All Things

This morning we had our follow-up ultrasound with the perinatologist. He said that everything looks better than good, that this baby is anatomically "pefectly normal". What more could we ask for?
We are so very happy for Jackson (and my inner need to have balance in all things) as today, it was indeed confirmed that this little guy is a BOY! Now, if you have any boy name suggestions, please do send them our way - we are struggling.

Friday, July 11, 2008

County Swim Meet

On July 2nd and 3rd, Jackson and Kate competed with their swim team, The Barracudas, during the county wide swim meet. They both had fun and did a great job! Kate's getting psyched up in the picture to swim like "white lightning". I think she reminds me of LL Cool J. What do you think?

Unfortunately, Kate's heart wasn't in it on the prelim day and she didn't place high enough in her individual events to swim in the finals. She placed 21st overall for the backstroke but was seeded 11th I think. Her relay team stepped up the second day, moving up from 9th place in the prelims to finishing 5th overall in the county. Way to go Kate!

Jackson finished 8th in the individual medley, and his team finished 8th in the medley relay and 5th in the freestyle relay (they were DQ'd in the last race though for an early start - I think it was a rough call if you ask me).

The coolest part of the meet was that Jackson finished 2nd overall in backstroke and set a new pool record for the 8&U backstroke. One of his coaches, Andrew, previously held the record and it had been in place for the last 10 years! Each meet of the year Jackson improved his backstroke time while secretly trying to beat the pool record. I found this out toward the end of the season when he told me that he was going to beat the record at the county meet. In the prelims on the 2nd, he came close to the 22:24 record with a time of 22:56 but on the 3rd he did it and finished with a time of 21:54. When this boy sets his mind to something he gets it done. If only I could be like that! Our friends videtoaped his race and posted it on You Tube. You can find it by title "Action Jackson Breaks Pool Record" or click on this