Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Our Littlest Soccer Player

Big Muscles

Ready for practice

Game face (we've been working on it)!

Kate is such a funny kid. She is quite a mix between tomboy and princess too! She spends her play day divided between trains and ponies. And while she was so excited to play soccer the ball HAD to be pink. I just love her spunky spirit.
Kate is a quick little runner but is also having a hard time realizing that this is her first season playing soccer and there are bigger kids who "won't share the ball". A good lesson to learn I think!
Note-Kate does NOT run like her Dad. hee-hee

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Broken Bones

Yep, that's broken!

Wavy Arm

Post reduction

Today at noon I received a call from Briarlake elementary school telling me that Jackson had fallen and that he had injured his arm. Gratefully, I was about two minutes away so I hustled over. When I arrived I saw that Jackson had an obvious deformity of his forearm so off to the ER we went. The x-rays revealed both a radius and ulnar fracture that needed to be reduced. A few doses of versed and lortab later, his arm was relocated, splinted and we were on our way home with a full bottle of pain elixer. (The previous sentence makes it seem like the visit was quick but those steps took over 5 hours).

Everyone in the ED kept commenting on what a trooper Jackson was. Except for an occassional whimper he hardly made a peep the entire time. The IV was a different story however, and I am sure he'll give you an earful about that traumatic event that took 3 attempts...poor kid!

Jackson's main concern, "what about soccer"? We'll have to see what the orthopedist says next week is our reply. Right now he is sleeping well with the aid of that magic potion. :)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Odor Free

We have been going through a 2 week ordeal with our car and I just realized that the car is odor free again. On the way home from the grocery store a gallon on milk dumped over on the ground of the front seat. I grabbed it before too much had spilt but the damage was done! We thought that we'd cleaned it up pretty well until I opened the car door the next morning. I'll let your imagination paint you an adequate description of the horrific odor. After several trips to the car detailer and 1/2 a bottle of febreeze things are back to normal. Yea!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Ava is so unbelievable cute (and I am not biased in the least)! Jason and I were tickled tonight when she was playing peek-a-boo in his closet. She would slide the door shut and pull it open giggling when we would say, "where's Ava?". After 3 children I am still amazed at how I am turned into a puddle of goo by a little one's gummy smile and giggles.

Construction September 11th

Front View

Front Porch

Rear elevation
The house is nearly framed and they should be putting the roof on tomorrow. We walked through the entire house this weekend and things look great. This week brings meetings with the builder, cabinet designer and some plumbing fixture choices. We are having a blast!

Favorite Toy

Brushing those 3 teeth

Hello Kitty

I love that my kids each choose their own special toy. Ava's however is somewhat unusual as she has deemed Kate's Hello Kitty toothbrush to be her constant companion. In truth, Ava would like all of our toothbrushes but we have pacified our 15 month old with one. Kate has been a good sport about the compromise but we did have had to promise her a new cooler princess toothbrush. Funny kid...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rapid Fire Framing!!!

Front View

New Garage

Rear View

Two days ago the framing crew swooped in and has worked like crazy on our home. The builder says that they will be completely done framing in 2 days and they'll put the roof on. I can hardly believe it. I am starting to have sleepless nights however, when I begin thinking about all of the decisions I soon have to make (tile, appliances, paint, fixtures, etc...) We'll post the finished framing photos in a few days!

Construction September 1st

Front Porch

Back Addition

This is a picture taken 1 week ago of our newly added foundation. We hope that they are built upon a rock

Kate's First Day Pre-K


Starfish Class

Cutie pie

Kate was very excited to finally start pre-k. Those two weeks between Jackson's school beginning and hers seemed like eternity for her I think. She is still at Oak Grove Young Children's School and her teachers' names are Ms. Judy and Ms. Alicia. Jackson had Ms. Judy for pre-k and we LOVE her! Kate is having a great time so far.