Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

Too Big

Too Little

Just Right

I don't know about your households, but we have been counting down the days to spring. We have been pointing out the grass turning green, budding flowers and our favorite, the "popcorn trees". Yesterday Kate came home and announced that "Spring has sprung" and we should spend the afternoon outside. Our great yard, kid friendly neighborhood streets and beautiful 70 degree temperatures were calling us and so we did.
Jackson has officially mastered the bike riding now. He can get on and start by himself, and although he has mastered the handbrake his new found confidence is encouraging him to rapidly pick up speed. (yikes!) Yesterday he rode for an hour and wanted to keep going. I have been so focused on Jackson learning to ride that I hadn't noticed how funny the other two looked on their "bikes". It reminded me of a version of Goldilocks but this time it was Too Big, Too Small, and Just Right. Kate outgrew her bike and helmet 1 year ago. Ava is riding Kate's scooter because she doesn't even have a bike and she wears Kate's helmet which is obviously too big for her. Jackson has a brand new bike and is all set. I guess it's a good thing that the girls birthdays are coming up because they need bikes and helmets!
Note-These pictures were taken almost 2 months ago but they captured what I saw yesterday except even funnier since the kids seem to have sprouted another inch since then!

Monday, March 19, 2007


Sorry for the long hiatus of no blogging but I am going to use the, "I just moved card". We actually moved on February 23rd but it is now that I am finally getting back into a normal routine. The slide show is of our house just before we moved everything in. As soon as I get my house all set up, I'll post some pictures of our decorated new digs.
If you ask Jason, he'd say that this was the easiest move we've had. He'd say that mostly because we hired a moving company and he spent the entire day at work (ha-ha). He's more than making up for it now though by moving boxes around the house and rearranging things as I change my mind on the layout.
We are completely enjoying our home and it is fun to see the kids excited. Last week Jackson's teacher gave them the assignment to write a story about their favorite place in Atlanta. Jackson's title...My House. It was a really cute story and I put the text in for you to read.

My House
By Jackson Hansen
My favorite place is my house. I like my house because there is a lot of space. I have my own room and even my own bathroom. My parents have a jet bathtub and I love taking baths in it. Come see our house you’ll think it is really amazing. I feel happy in my house when my family is with me. My house is the most special place in the world.