Tuesday, August 09, 2011

2011-2012 New School Year!

Well, another summer has flown by and our family has officially entered the world of middle school! Here are a few pics of the kids flashing their digits (representing their grades and Jackson with an "m" for middle school) and their smiles. :) Time really does go by too quickly!

Ava's teacher is Mrs. Spencer and we are so excited about it! Although her BFF, Bailey, is in another class this year her other closest friends, Coco and Alima will be joining her. I will have the pleasure of being her room parent again and am really pretty excited about it.

Kate's teacher this year is Mrs. Rich. She is known as a creative and fun teacher who I know will make this a very special year for her. She too, has several great friends in her class including Lucy, Maddie, Kelsey, and a super cool "boy" friend who shall remain nameless. :)

We put Jackson on a bus for the first time as he set off for middle school. There were nerves, jitters and tears (ok most of those were from me) but he made it there and back in one piece. I really didn't enjoy those junior high years so I am dreading guiding my pre-teen through the drama that accompanies that time of life. Gratefully, Jason only has good memories of Jr. High so perhaps Jackson will follow suit.