Saturday, January 02, 2010

Have you ever been this tired?

You may recall the post last fall where Ava fell asleep standing up. Well, she may have outdone herself today. After Ava changed and showered this afternoon, I told her to go to her room and put on the clothes I'd laid out for her. About 15 min later I found her on the steps outside of my bedroom, sans towel, but with her clothes laying next to her. She was so asleep that she didn't wake up when we dressed and put her in bed. It was the most bizarre thing... Wonder where she gets her uncanny ability to sleep anywhere?

Kate's Journey Part 1

This is a new year for the Hansen Family - the first since 2007 that is CANCER FREE! Our leukemia journey with Kate will never be forgotten but we are happy to move forward to healthier days!

At Kate's end of chemo party in August, Jason made this wonderful DVD chronicling her last 2 years. Since August he's been asking me to put it on the blog but I encountered some technical difficulities. Due to the length of the clip we had to separate it in into two parts. As I just watched this again my overwhelming feeling was of gratitude. Our family has been blessed! We hope that 2010 brings your families an abundance of blessing too!

Kate's Journey Part 2