Sunday, December 02, 2012

Christmas Advent 2012

Well, it's here...the Christmas countdown has begun.  This is one of our favorite traditions each year (closely followed by the turkey shoot).  Here's what we have in store...

1. Go to Patti's Cajun Christmas Party
2. Decorate the tree
3. Donate canned goods to the school
4. Make hot cocoa and watch a movie
5. Send Christmas cards
6. Make popcorn and cranberry garland
7. Sing Christmas carols
8. Go to see Rudolph Puppet Show
9. Make candy cane pizzas
10. Make paper snowflakes
11. Go to Jackson's orchestra concert
12. Have Emmett's birthday party
13. Start the 12 Days of Christmas giving for a friend
14. Make gingerbread houses
15. Go Christmas caroling
16. Read Christmas books by the fire
17. Go to the Fox Theater and see How the Grinch Stole Christmas
18. Go to the Temple and see the lights
19. Drive around the neighborhood and see the lights
20. Deliver neighbor gifts
21. Go see A Christmas Carol at the Alliance Theater
22. Go on a carriage ride through Piedmont park
23. Make and decorate sugar cookies
24. Read the nativity story
25. Take family picture and watch old family Christmas DVDs


the andersons said...

Ooh.. I like that you are blogging again. :) I might add paper snowflakes to our list. Great idea...

Suzanne said...

What a great idea!

Allison said...

That is a fantastic list! :)

Anonymous said...

The pic of your middle school boy sitting in the grass is my 12 ye old son's favorite in this set. When I downloaded the hi res shot I opened it life size on our 34" monitor and my son Justin ran over to look at the boy. Justin sat down beside me and leaned very close to the boy and started to blush a little. The picture is so clear and sharp and has so much detail the boy looked like he was directly in front of Justin. Justin was looking at the boy like he was in love with him and I thought for a second he was going to kiss him! I finally asked Justin if he thinks the boy is handsome and Justin looked at me with a huge grin and said, "not really handsome but he is very beautiful and looks alot more pretty than handsome, and I frickin' love his looks and his picture!". Justin said he wants to display the boy life size in a large digital picture frame he has in his room. I asked Justin what he is going to do with such a pretty boy in his room. Justin look at me and was blushing and started to grin and laughed and exclaimed, "When no one is around and no one is looking I am going to walk up to him and kiss him!"